Everest Tractor and Hydraulic HT Fluid


Everest Hydraulic Oil


Everest Hydraulic Oil is a multi-use hydraulic, transmission and wet-brake lubricant that is designed for farm machinery and off-road heavy equipment. Ideal for tractor hydraulic systems, transmission and final drives sharing a common reservoir. Everest Extreme Tractor and Hydraulic HT Fluid Will transmit power for steering, braking and implement hydraulic drives. Everest Extreme Tractor and Hydraulic HT Fluid Provides cooling and frictional properties for wet-brakes and power takeoff clutches.

Everest Extreme AW Hydraulic Oils are an anti-wear hydraulic oil that contains rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors. Everest Hydraulic Oil is designed for use with all vane and piston type hydraulic pumps, as well as circulating systems, compressors and other industrial equipment. Everest Extreme Tractor and Hydraulic HT Fluid is formulated to maintain system seal integrity and protect against wear: ISO Viscosity Grades: 32, 46 and 68.

Everest Hydraulic Oil has the following Benefits and Applications:

  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Special additives provide sludge and deposit control, and longer service life
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection for all system components
  • Provide superior water separation and demulsibility
  • Excellent anti-foam protection and rapid air release
  • Provides anti-wear protection for pumps, motors, valves and other hydraulic circuit components operating under high pressures and loads


Available in Gallons, 5 Gallon Pails, 55 Gallon Drums and Bulk

MSDS is Available upon demand.
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